Compound Clearing and the Green Zone

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Compound Clearing and the Green Zone

Post by Ryan » Fri Jul 13, 2012 3:36 pm

As seen multiple times in Iraq and Afghanistan, how to clear a compound or courtyards? Once you clear this and push out into the Green Zone are there any tips you can offer? You're in greenery now interspersed with farmland, small streams, wadis, buildings and compounds. Some amount of desert either side and probably high ground towards those sides.

When clearing that kind of heavy and dense area I like the line formation as you can keep sweeping on line, react to contact and conduct a number of small maneuvers. Flush them out with fire (Recon by fire in some occasions) and other weaponry. Controlling the high ground along side is great but sometimes because it's so heavy then support units cannot support you unless they move and find different locations, but that takes time... sometimes a long time.

It looks to me like it's more a game of flushing out the enemy, clearing and holding, using the compound to be offensive and take out those in the green zone before moving off to sweep it. Throw in a little bit of air support and firepower and you've got yourself a good standard to take compounds and clear out outside areas

Doors, windows are unusually small as compared with anywhere else.

Heavy adobe brick, home-made and even jury-rigged areas.
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