The New Normal

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The New Normal

Post by Ryan » Mon Jul 09, 2018 6:12 am

Hey guys, Jimothy sent me this video:

It looks like limited penetration has become the new standard, the new normal... at least in some units. You will observe limited penetration techniques (and thumb-over-bore) in this video—engaging targets before entering. Typically entering crisscross after limited penetration. Also note quite a discussion in the comments on limited penetration, albeit with a lot of confusion about pieing versus limited penetration (and somehow "stealing" this "tactic" from "insurgents" in Iraq). Despite the flaws depicted in the video, it's excellent to see limited penetration get some acknowledgement.

We have been having limited penetration versus direct entry discussions for nearly a decade and it's finally catching on. Trevor's comment: "For over a decade I was told I was dumb and wrong and didn’t know what I was doing, even though I could out perform nearly everyone in the typical CQB methods they were using at the time. I now attend training where an instructor shows me a new way of doing things that is exactly what I was doing 10+ years ago. Lol. Ridicule become imitation."

Now time to critique the crap out of limited penetration and push for a better standard. :lol:
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