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Read before posting...Do's and Dont's and How To

Posted: Fri Aug 21, 2009 2:39 pm
by Admin
RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: This forum is for the discussion of tactical issues and is for the enjoyment of the members. The general rules are as follows:

* You must make an introductory post in the stickied thread in WHO ARE YOU. This needs to be done on your first post. Its to tell the rest of the members who it is that they're talking to, so give 'em some info.

* Be civil. We frown on personal attacks. Don't hide behind your screen. If you wouldn't be comfortable sitting across the table and saying your piece to the other person face to face, don't post it here.

* IMPORTANT: Do not post any personal information here . Don't post anything here you don't want printed in in the news, unless it is in the classified section. Do not post someone else's personal information!

* Fill out your profile completely. Failure to do so will result in banning. We're not asking for your lifestory, just some information about you so we know who it is that's posting.

* This forum is not for defending airsoft or paintball, or any other gaming activity. If that's what you're into, that's OK, but realize that the members are professionals and subject matter experts on tactical issues. If that's what you're here to discuss, you're in the wrong place. You will be far happier posting on an airsoft or paintball forum.

Thank you for using CQB-Team forum.