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Mission Profiles

Post by Ryan » Mon Jul 02, 2012 5:36 am

Do you guys use mission profiles? For instance in our AAR's we have number of rounds expired for a said event i.e. shooting at an insurgent, which can depict accuracy, ammunition conservation and firepower. We have equipment used or not used. Time, date, terrain, patrol path, leaders, members. All kinds of stuff but that leads to a mission and loadout/kit profile.

For example you go on a linear ambush mission. You hit up an infantry section. From the AAR and other reports or testimonies you can put together a profile for the said event in the future. If we come across this we can use this, don't over-kit yourself with this because it's useless, this is too heavy compared with this which does the same job. You also begin to develop tactics, "Hey last time we did this it worked a lot better" ... It gives you an idea of your and the enemies capabilities, noting the enemies ranks, structure, tactics and unit for a future EMLCOA.

You know what you're capable of and you learn about yourself and the team you are in to what can be improved, what is improving and what you're good or bad at. If we come across a certain threat we can understand the risks with more surety, and decide whether or not to break contact or how to proceed on the threat.

It can get very complex and detailed, using all the numbers and facts you have such as vehicle capabilities like fuel and how long that will last therefore what return journeys you can make. "This is how a said mission tends to work" ... Without the misinterpretations and unrealistic expectations, you can base it off good solid variables based off past experience of both yourself and others and a bit of research.
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