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Post by Ryan » Wed Jul 18, 2012 6:59 am

Note: First man hugs the walls, on contact I bet he'll hug right up to it to allow triangulation of fire with the second man. The quick, soft checks are they move down the hallway, if there is a target you check - spot - split the door, pull back or move in. The second man hard checks with the weapon. The rear guards are low-ready. What to me looks like a Hitch step (similar to a stutter step) or 'corner step', quick-pie of the corner, they orientate and hold there at the target, they do not check, re-check or bother about a corner at that moment, they've moved into it so it's clear -- It's been too long for someone not to do anything about it, so it is probably clear. Second man pulls back out the room and holds the doorjamb as one calls for the suspect to drop, 3rd man comes up to hold the opposite doorjamb, interesting.

Center-thrown flashbang jumps about the room.

Covermen at corners, covering the teams advance, i.e. up the stairwell.

Pushing a corner, first takes the close wall and second shoulders up to him in the middle lane, allowing the outer lane to be taken by 3rd man - essentially splitting buddy teams to clear sectors of a room, especially odd-shaped rooms with cut-offs and linear areas as seen.

Opposite doorways/rooms they single stack (whilst moving) each room, not double stacking or splitting the teams up but going in as a two-man buddy team.

Move out a room, check the previously known and cleared areas as they may be different when you check it. "Check both ways before you cross the road!"
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