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4 Man Leap Frog

This technique can be used if a small element is moving down a hallway

Four operators stop at the door.
Operator ❶ is looking down the corridor scanning for threats until operator❹ moves up and say
"got the hall".
operator ❶ turns and focuses only on the door.
Operator ❶ and ❷ make entry.
Operator ❸ stands close to the door opening so he see operator ❶ and ❷. In case one of them has a stoppage or is injured he will take their place.
Operator ❹ is covering down the hallway.
When the room is cleared operator❸ and ❹ move in the doorway and the two operators in the room will fall in, and the train will move to the next door.

If the door is closed and need to be breeched, operator ❸ and ❹ will move to the opposite side of the threshold.
Operator ❶ and ❷ are stacked for entry.
Operator ❸ breeches the door and provides backup.
Operator ❹ secures the hallway.    

- It is a fast technique.
- It is a very flexible technique.
- It clears a lot of rooms fast with only four operators.

- Four operators are not much if there is heavy resistance.
- Reserves are needed if someone has to stay and secure the rooms.


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